Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Constitutional reform game thread 

Flanker:Will try to keep updated

33 articles to change

Article 11 - Add: The president can set up military defense zones inside the sovereign territory (install bases and artificial islands near isla de aves due to the "Economic exclusive zone")

Article 16 - Returning Caracas as a Federal district. and "Imsular district" for "economic exclusive zone" (200 Km of economic territory near islands or coastal areas) No new territory or municipality cannot be created without the citizens of said territory to approving it by referendum, All settlements regardless of size to be recognized as cities, establishment of comunities, comons and cities as geopolitical structuring. The people will govern the comunities and comons with direct people power. A city can become after comunal reorganization and referendum into a comunal city.

President can create (after a territorial referendum)

"Functional districts" or "Federal provinces" or inter-state territories defined on geography or economic potential with a specific strategic plan (think new quasi-states) with vicepresidents.

"Federal cities" same strategic plan but for cities

Article 18 - City of Caracas will be territorially re-established

Article 70 - Added Comunal powers and assortments of grassroot cells in particular "comunal cooperatives"

Article 87 - Small self-employed workers will get a social stability fund (vacations, pensions, rest, birth related).

Article 90 - 6 hour workdays and 36 hour workweek

Article 100 - Honors indeginous, african roots, and anything related with their culture get special govt treatment.

Article 112 - Promotion of economic policies of comunities over individualism, and the economy is socialist.

Article 113 - Stronger wording against monopolies

Article 115 - Recognizes and guarantees public, social (direct and indirect), collective, private property also adds mixed which is a combination of the above.Changes in expropiations.

Article 136 - Popular power (comunity councils) is added to match the other governmental powers. Popular->municipal->states->national.

Article 158 - The state will transfer power to the comunities, and create democratic socialism.Popular power will enjoy fiscal independence.

Article 225 - Multiple vicepresidencies.

Article 230 - Indefinite reelection... 7 years each


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