Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A good laugh 

In Venezuela there is political advertising and graphiti everywhere. A huge amount of it comes from the government - a topic for another day.

But when it comes to propoganda that will put you in stiches with hysterical laughter - well for that you need the opposition. Check out this non-sense which has been painted on walls all over Venezuela:

This painting on behalf of the now cable TV station RCTV says "Where the people express themselves". Ah, yeah, sure. The "people" really spent the past 53 years expressing themselves through RCTV!!! On the evening of April 11, 2002 when the military officers partaking in the coup were on RCTV giving orders to other military units to surrender that was the "people" who wanted that on the air!

And with this painting now RCTV is supposedly "the voice of the people"!?!?!?

Truthfully, I don't know that there is any media outlet that can claim to be the voice of the people - but hell at least the people can, via elections, control who runs stations like VTV and Vive. Due to the nature of "private property" 99.9999999% of Venezuelans have no say in what was broadcast on RCTV. So much for it being the "voice of the people". Better said, it was the loud propogandistic voice that spoke to the people.

BTW, another point on a related subject. I have had occassion to waste some of my time watching the all anti-Chavez all the time news network Globovision. So far the standout image of it is not the blatant propoganda and distortions on it. I knew to expect them. Rather what made the biggest impression on me was the news anchor who was in effect wearing a bikini with a fishnet type see through top - I kid you not. Most of the women on the beach at Choroni had more clothing on than that women did.

I wonder if CBS has ever thought of boosting the ratings for their evening news by dumping Katie Couric and putting on Carmen Electra in a thong. Hey, if it works for Globovision...


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