Thursday, August 23, 2007

A journey across a spectacular country 

In the Skyscraper City forum on Venezuela a person taking a trip accross Venezuela to the Gran Sabana is posting a photo journal.

Page one is here with some mundane pictures but also some very interesting ones. Be sure to check out the second bridge over the Orinoco (finished just last year) and the roadwork up to it. The traveller is himself so impressed he has to say "Believe it or not...its Venezuela"

The second page is even better with some very nice pictures around Puerto Ordaz and pictures of the Guri dam and the impressive and powerfull rivers around it.

Sadly many foriegners who visit Venezuela limit themselves to places like Caracas or Magarita Island. Those places are nice and interesting in their own right but they do no justice to the country. I don't think most people don't appreciate what a big and diverse country Venezuela is. No, it is not as big as the U.S. but it is still pretty big and amazingly diverse for its size.

While Venezuela may not be one of the top "must see" places on the planet I would venture to say it is probably the most under-rated tourist destination there is.

Mention Venezuela as an interesting place to see and for the most part you just illicit blank stares that ask "what could there possibly be to see in that place?" Yet with the Angel Falls and other Tepuis, the Andes mountains, the Orinoco delta, Los Llanos, beautifull costal mountain ranges, pristine beaches and even its own little Carrabien beaches there is a tremendous amount to see - once you get out of the concrete jungle of Caracas.

Anyways, this photojournal of a trip accross the country sure looks good - and he hasn't even gotten to the really spectacular stuff yet. It is probably a good thread to check back on over the next couple of weeks and wet your appetite for your own travels accross Venezuela.


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