Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Puncturing the bubble 

Flanker:I do not believe in logical fallacies, therefore for me to assume that anyone that rules a country in a sheltered manner is any better a leader than one who does not would be quite ilogical. Case in point Bush and Blair, the former would never be caught dead within a 100 feet of the daughter of a critic, and the latter used to get grilled in parliament on a recurring basis. Both were war criminals and lousy leaders. Still... one could logically conclude which leader by definition does not live in a bubble.

Chavez is somewhere in the middle, He never awards interviews to the hostile local media (whether it be for tactical or emotional reasons) so we generally have to wait for him to travel abroad for some hard hitting Q&A. Last year it was at the UN leader summit, this year was to Clarin owned TN news of Argentina. I could never imagine seeing GWB answering the questions posited in the fourth clip (re: RCTV) not to mention keeping his cool. The source is VTV so no shenanigans that they would never show this inside Venezuela.

PS Tomorrow is the big day, the constitutional reform proposal will be presented to the national assembly. Tune in for the review.


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