Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Rising milk consumption provokes "consumer unrest" 

Things sound pretty bad when you pick up newspapers in the U.S. and read stuff like this:

There are already shortages of staples like milk, eggs, beans, and beef. An extra hour of sunshine won’t matter much to the people if they can’t get a quart of milk down at the store.

And this:

Earlier this year, for instance, consumer unrest plagued Venezuela as President Hugo Chavez's price controls led to shortages of milk and beef.

That "consumer unrest" stuff sure does sound scarey. Hell, I guess if I couldn't get any milk I would be unrestfull to.

Thing is that, isn't exactly what is happening in Venezuela. Predictably, milk consumption this year is up 17%. Worse still from the escaulido point of view, milk production is up 7%. Of course I am sure any self-respecting oppositionist will point out the remaining 10% must be made up of imports.

So in point of fact the government has really screwed up and raised milk consumption faster than the sexual habits of Venezuelan cows can keep up with by producing new calfs. Is there a Viagra equivalent for bovines?


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