Thursday, October 04, 2007

Oil Wars wins!!!!!! 

According to the latest polling numbers most Venezuelan's support the Oil War's vision for Venezuela. From a Datos poll here is the socio-economic system preference of Venezuelans:

Social Democracy 60%

Socialism 24%

Capitalism 4%

Communism 1%

Dont' know 11%

What is interesting is that the opposition represents capitalism which is desired by only 4% of the population while Chavismo offers socialism which is only desired by 24% of the population. The 60% who favor Social Democracy are effectively unrepresented (though obviously when they have to choose they choose Chavez over the opposition).

This goes to show the extremists are dominating the debate in Venezuela, which has actually been obvious for some time now.

So the question then becomes - under the Venezuelan consitution can a blog be elected president?


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