Saturday, November 10, 2007

Are these the students who are leading a "peaceful" struggle to better Venezuela? 

Unfortunately I have been busy lately and have therefore been a bit slow to fully digest the events that occured in Venezuela's main university last week.

Of course, if you just caught a peak of the mainstream media news coverage of it you know what happened - there was a protest of 80,000 students protesting a constitutional change that would make Chavez president forever, the students peacefully returned to their university where they were set upon by armed Chavista thugs who were riding around on motorcycles shooting at them, and a number of students were shot.

Sure sounds like Chavistas are rather thugish, doesn't it?

Then a funny thing happened: a lot of videos started coming out showing what really happened, so many that even lazy people like me started seeing them. For example here is one that people might really want to watch:

Note what do we see? The opposition students are all comfortably out in the open and don't seem to be afraid of anything. No one seems to be attacking them - rather we see THEM clearly attacking a building by setting fires, trying to knock down doors, and throwing rocks at the windows. We hear gunshots and we don't see any of the opposition students so much as flinch - I guess they weren't the ones being shot at. Also do note a number of these opposition students are wearing ski masks - I guess being masked isn't just a Chavista thing as some would have us believe.

Interestingly we also see some video of what was going on in the building - pro-Chavez students who had barricaded doors were sitting on floors trying to stay away from windows - hardly the actions of agressors.

Pretty clearly what we have here are a lot of opposition students being agressive and violent and going out of their way to attack Chavez supporters. We also have pro-Chavez students taking refuge in a building trying to stay out of harms way.

Funny, but that isn't exactly the impression of events that I got from the mass media here in the U.S. I guess they don't really give us "all the news that is fit to print" and remain "fair and balanced" as they like to claim they do. I suppose I should probably stop being so lazy and not let the U.S. mass media spoon feed me news even if I am busy sometimes.


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