Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Baduel joins the other side 

What might be the most remarkable defection in many years, the former defense minister up to four months ago and key figure in the counter-coup of 2002, fulminates on all sides the constitutional reform and urges a NO vote. Evidently one upping Podemos on the way out. However what might be troubling was the way he said it, urging the armed forces to remain vigilant, and calling the way the reform took place as a self coup de etat based entirely on procedure.

The reform process may have its flaws inherent in content, but the opposition claiming that a constituent assembly was needed is painfully interpretive of the constitution (something only the Supreme Court can do) and also irrelevant (as if the govt would not win the majority of the seats in the new assembly) meaning it is an archane procedural process designed to stall and therefore crash the reform, entirely non-democratic way of dealing with it.

But to actually call on the armed forces to remain vigilant is the worst scenario possible, they have no role outside their constitutional borders and evidently politics is outside of it.

In the end what I might regret the most is the Maglev project might be pushed aside because Baduel was a strong proponent, such pettyness would really piss me off, but the technology fetish of this govt is bigger I think.


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