Thursday, November 22, 2007

"Chávez is taking our homes and Children!" 

"And might eat them, too."- Globovisión watching contra

Article 82:
Every person has the right to adequate, safe and comfortable, hygienic housing, with appropriate essential basic services, including a habitat such as to humanize family, neighborhood and community relations. The progressive meeting of this requirement is the shared responsibility of citizens and the State in all areas.

The State shall give priority to families, and shall guarantee them, especially those with meager resources, the possibility of access to social policies and credit for the construction, purchase or enlargement of dwellings.

Proposed reform:
Article 82:
Every person has the right to...the same as 1999

The State shall give ... the same as 1999

This is amended at the end of previous 1999 article:

All persons have the right to defend their or their familes homes, declaring it as their primary housing before the organs of the People's Power, and as such, no preventative or executive measures of a judicial character can be made against it without further limitations then those in the law or conventions against it.

Greg Wilpert has a overall summary of the entire reform here:


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