Sunday, November 18, 2007

Desperate is as desperate does 

A few years back while seeking refuge from the extreme heat of Maracaibo Venezuela I did some movie watching. I'm not big on movies but just the chance to briefly escape the heat made the price of the ticket worth it.

I did find one thing interesting though. Rather than showing trailers of upcoming movies as they generally do in the U.S. they showed anti-Chavez infomercials. "Well, this just goes to show how desperate the anti-Chavez Venezuelan opposition is" I thought. Fortunately in the sophisticated north we still get to watch previews of upcoming movies rather than having to sit through crude brainwashing attempts.

Or so it was. Now even in the U.S. we have to sit through propoganda infomercials. Friday night I discovered that when they showed this slick pro-war, pro-military music video from the U.S. National Guard before a movie I went to see that night:

In fact, just for people who might be a little slow they played it twice.

After watching it I guess we were supposed to hope all the young people in the audience ran out and joined the National Guard to protect America against 9/11 terrorists (you sure can't have missed that linkage in the video can you?).

And I guess it is supposed to be reassuring that "we won't accept defeat" now anymore than we did after Valley Forge.

Nevertheless, even the catchy music couldn't keep this video from looking a little desperate - just like the very polished ads in Maracaibo did just before the Venezuelan opposition got rolled in the Recall Referendum.

Also, should the U.S. military really be running ads highlighting the American Revolutionary War? I guess the irony of playing up an insurgency fighting an occupying army is lost on the people in the Pentagon these days.

Lynne Cheney actually write childrens books about the Revolutionary War. Maybe she should remind the blockheads who came up with this who won that war.


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