Monday, November 26, 2007

This is why the Suhoys were needed. 

Well the inevitable happened, Uribe and Chavez are now officially at each other's throats, Uribe was never interested in peace, he did not want it, that has been his entire presidency in a nutshell. Chavez may not be altruastically interested in peace, but at the very least finds it deeply advantageous making him the guy to follow in this lead. But that is all over with and now bi-national relations are at their lowest point in years (WAY down from being at their artificially best in decades).

And all I can think about right now is thank god for the Su-30 MKII, in this brave new world the US is temporarely stunned militarily, they now resort to proxies doing the dirty work and invasions (eg Somalia and Ethiopia) so NOT having a TRADITIONAL and asymetric military in top shape could very well have been a treasonous.

Under all war scenarios (with our revamped military) Colombia's air force would be decimated in the first few days, without it, their chopper fleet would be permanently grounded and their navy sitting ducks. So a couple billion dollars in defense procurements gave us security over hundreds of billions of dollars on returns from natural resources. A well placed investment everywhere I see it. (of course we also prevent enslavement)

In a few days I will be posting the long delayed in depth reporting of the planes, sadly their armaments were kept a secret, and I could not report anything meaningful, but they were supposed to be revealed this Dec, even more so now.


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