Monday, December 03, 2007

Creepy TV show last night 

I kind a knew the govt had lost around 11:30 PM, Aristobulo was on previously claiming the same thing Chavez was claiming on his press conference, how democracy was strengthened, victory even in defeat etc. But what really made me reach this conclusion was Mario Silva being docile afterwards, having a professor talking about seaguls and seeds falling into fertile ground and sometimes barren rocks???

Still during the wait it seemed that the result was inevitable, UNTIL the government decided to patently create SO MUCH DRAMA that I almost threw up prior to the climax/conclusion. First the CNR (old opposition) played their puppet parts by being histerical. REALLY histerical about waiting for so long for the results. Then came the bombshell, the NO block was barred from entering the tallying center for a crucial part of the election, then it REALLY blew open with howling and screaming and a dude literally biting his tongue in extreme frustration. Then I turned to the Hojilla and noticed Mario Silva talking about how their side was happy (showing a live shot of a rally) while theirs was melting down...

I think my blood preassure dropped significantly, it was bad and it was creepy. Thankfully I did not have to wait for Tibisai Lucena to speak before I saw a hint that this was just bad theater. The CNR was not arrested and they continued to mouth out their blah blah blah in front of the world media, nobody is that sloppy. Then came the obvious result with an ireversable seal of defeat, after that it was obvious that Chavez would have his magnanimous momment. He would never contest this.

Having thought it over, here is my serious review of last night.
-Electronic voting is a LIFESAVER, it was really commical seeing the opposition reminding us historical landslide results when everybody knows that they can be called easily with just a handfull of counted votes. In Mexico it took them WEEKS to get to the point we were last night (90%+ of the VOTES counted), and even the "ACTAS" were only counted up to 90% the morning after.

-Opposition leaders were gracious winners, the opposition rank and file were not, they are probably still scheeming for power but lets hope their new "leadership" keeps their word and put the later under a leash.

-Conspiracy theories are flying about this being a rigged election or rigged-sabotaged. Dubious given the transperancy of the vote, and the latter even more unlikely as the government has lost its strongest weapon in opposition incompetent weakness (the abstentionist camp is all but annihilated for now).

-The government knows how to win and how to lose.

-I really hope for a long period of reconciliation, most people here have it easy, you don't have to deal with the opposition folk 24/7, it really does create a wear and tear. I can now enjoy a christmas (not religious myself) in freaking peace. Its been a LONG while since that happened (though not entirely politics related).


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