Sunday, December 02, 2007

Towards the Red,Very Red Planet 

The no won. Chávez has accepted the defeat and the contra will still call him a dictator.But the struggle continues.

"La rectora del Consejo Nacional Electoral, Tibisay Lucena, emitió a las 1:14 am de este lunes 3 de diciembre el primer boletín oficial con los resultados del Referendo por la Reforma Constitucional propuesta por el Presidente Hugo Chávez.

Los resultados anunciados son:

Bloque A

Opción del No: 4.504.354, con 50,70 por ciento
Opción del Sí: 4.379.392, con 49.29 por ciento

Total de votos contados: 8.883.746
Total de votos nulos: 118.693
Total de votos escrutados: 9.002.439
Abstencion 44,39 por ciento

Bloque B

Opción del No: 4.522.332, 51,05 por ciento
Opción del Sí: 4.335.136, 48.94 por ciento "


The Bolivarian revolution, led by Chávez , now has more strength as its democratic credentials are very much in the open, making it more difficult for the national and international contra to maintain their campaign of  lies. Of course, it doesn't mean that they are going to stop. 
It takes a people educated and organized to really start to seize control of their political, economic and socail lives. After tonight Venezuela Bolivariana marches ahead coming out stronger. As a big part of the reform was excellent, I wouldn't be surprised  when the  majority  takes the initiative in implementing most of the reforms  themselves. After all their 1999 constitution guarantees that right.

The people are the only power that matters. And the on going struggle to bring the power back to the streets, where the people live, continues. 

As one of the great revolutionaries de nuestra América said,

"We're going to have to do more than  talk. 
We're going to have to do more than listen. 
We're going to have to do more than learn. 
We're going to have to start practicing and that's very hard. 
We're going to have to start getting out there with the people. 
And alot of times we think we're better than the people. 
And that's an insult and criminal. 
It's going to take alot of hard work." 

- Fred Hampton


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