Monday, December 03, 2007

What happened yesterday 

This is just a personal observation (and what Chavez said in an interview) in chronological fashion.

Noon to mid afternoon.

Chavez is winning the election, exit polls show the Si side winning by around 4-5 points, the opposition looks SCARED on interviews saying that the middle class participation was way too low, after the second student said this I knew the opposition was losing (and probably cheating for calling out a specific social strata but whatever), Students started a desperate GOTV campaign with loudspeakers caravans in upper class Caracas. Reuters gets a hold of this exit poll and publishes it, CNN also claims that by this point the Si was winning.

Mid afternoon - 4:00 PM

The trend reverses, evidently the opposition planned to vote late so they could stay for the audits afterwards. CNN said the exit polls reversed to the No.

4:00 PM- Late night

50% of the tallies are counted and the No side was winning by around 4%. The government decides to wait for more results to pour in. The Si block begins to look worried on TV, talking about how in defeat they still won, the opposition begins to behave triumphantly.

Late night - Very late night

The government realizes that the vote is way too close, even if they win with such a close result the instability would not be worth it, they phone the CNE and inform them that they would not challenge the result, any result.


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