Saturday, December 01, 2007

Where do they get these people? 

Today the New York Times decided to wear its opinions on its shirtsleeve's by publishing an Op-Ed article by the former Venezuelan general Raul Baduel (the last Op-Ed piece from a Venezuelan I can remember was by Moises Naim - quick question: has the Times EVER run an article by someone supporting Chavez?).

Fortunately for Chavez's image it contains some really hysterical stuff like this:

The proposal, which would abolish presidential term limits and expand presidential powers, is nothing less than an attempt to establish a socialist state in Venezuela. As our Catholic bishops have already made clear, a socialist state is contrary to the beliefs of Simón Bolívar, the South American liberation hero, and it is also contrary to human nature and the Christian view of society, because it grants the state absolute control over the people it governs.

Ahh, in addition to being a neo-populist, autocratic, loony, pinko, Castroite the guy is also un-Christian.

Well, if this being president of Venezuela gig doesn't work out maybe he can become a city council member from the Upper West Side.


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