Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Murders down 42% in Caracas 

In what has got to be the most astonishing short term result I have ever seen, Crime was almost cut in half in the capital after the implementation of the security plan of 2008, after just one week. and 66% where police presence was present. While admitedly a rather small sample to make a trend this proves two things to the govt,

A) Proactivity is more important than theorizing about crime ALWAYS.
B) You do not need to fill up prisons to stop crime (The Uribe doctrine).
C) El Universal is pretty freaking blatant on its bias.

I heard the newsconference yesterday about this and saw the Ultimas Noticias article today, but given the fact that I need to look for a link here I fired up El Universal on the net, what was front page news under any standard was buried inside the Caracas City subsection of the newspaper and even then the tittle and body was increadibly misleading.

Most blatant was this statement.

"Authorities informed also that in Petare there only two crimes, when there used to be twelve homicides every weekend."

Notice how they mix crime with homicides, done deliberately because there where ZERO murders in Petare (a very iconic poor area in far east Caracas).


Evidently this is not even starting yet to get too excited about, criminals will try to circumvent the police deployments, and even these are expensive and one wonders if the govt will sustain them forever and ever (hopefully soon they will not be needed) but the key point is that it shows the govt that crime is fixable with short term results and with a small price to pay (in Rio small scale wars break out whenever heavy police presence arrives), they just have to govern, and obviously govern well.


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