Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The puppets can't survive without the puppeteers 

Sometimes things get said that seem to be insignificant and pass little noticed but that are in reality quite telling. This statement today from U.S. presidential candidate John McCain is a clear example:

"And my friends, if we left, they (al-Qaida) wouldn't be establishing a base," McCain said Wednesday. "They'd be taking a country, and I'm not going to allow that to happen, my friends. I will not surrender. I will not surrender to al-Qaida."

Now of course, you do have to read between the lines a little bit. When McCain says "al-Qaida" he doesn't really mean "al-Qaida". That is a very small organization which is not capable of taking over a country like Iraq.

What he really means is that the people fighting against the United States occupation - the Sunni and Shia insurgents - would topple the government and take over the country if the U.S. military left. THAT is almost certainly true.

Moreover, that is a huge admission of what a pack of lies the U.S. government tells to justify this war. The U.S. government constantly claims that the insurgents are a small and unpopular minority who are losing the war and that the Iraqi government is both legitimate and popular.

Now if that is true how are we to explain McCain's statement? We are to believe a small band of unpopular thugs is going to overthrow a government that is backed by the great majority of Iraq's 25 million people plus the immense material resources given to it by the U.S. if U.S. troops were to leave? This government couldn't do any better than the former U.S. puppets in Saigon or the former Soviet puppets in Kabul - i.e. the Iraqi people who supposedly support it wouldn't defend it?

It would appear not - the lies of the U.S. about supporting a legitimate and popular government not withstanding.

Of course, given that the U.S. has a largely pliant and passive media John McCain and the other U.S. propogandists can rest assured that they are unlikely to have anyone badger them about their obviously false statements about this ongoing war.


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