Thursday, February 28, 2008

"Ready to Lie from Day One" 

Thanks to BoRevNet I got to read this fun, well written, and very ACCURATE account of how Hillary Clinton lies with abandon. Here is one snippet:

So, according to Senator Hillary Clinton, the leader of Venezuela is a dictator.

It's hard to imagine that Hillary is so uninformed - and has such incompetent foreign policy advisers - that she doesn't know that President Hugo Chávez and his government have won multiple elections that were characterized as free and fair by international observers. But if she knows this, then she is lying.

For example, this is what the Carter Center delegation said about the 2004 presidential recall referendum:

"On Aug. 15, 2004, Venezuelans came out in record numbers to participate in the first popularly mandated presidential recall referendum ever to be held. In doing so, the Venezuelan people voted not to recall President Chávez from office, with 59 percent of the population voting for Chávez and 41 percent voting against him. It is the opinion of The Carter Center that the Aug. 15 vote clearly expressed the will of the Venezuelan electorate."

Its good to see someone is actually paying attention to this stuff and not letting it go unchallenged. Generally I don't bother. I mean, since when do U.S. politicians ever tell the truth?


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