Sunday, March 02, 2008

Colombia is behaving naughty 

Today diplomatic relations with Colombia have been ruptured, after they invaded Ecuador to assassinate the FARC's second in command. Troops have been mobilized to the border a hair trigger away from war. It is evident Colombia thinks it is Israel, but without the military might to violate international law. Colombia (if it dared to pull the stunt again) would not last 2 seconds vs Venezuela and Ecuador combined

Would the US intervene if Colombia were the aggressor again? doubtful, Uribe is banking way too much on an implicit defense pact. War would be over in a matter of days, at worse the US would try to buy time for it to get a task group near the area.

PS the opposition is taking Uribe's side again, sad and predictable that they take sides against us... I honestly doubt any other country would ever permit such a thing, including the US.


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