Thursday, April 10, 2008

Memorable phrases 

From this ND thread

I cut out the fat and post the funny ones.

"We are failing, but doing well."
Teodoro Petkoff after reaching government.

"I like the music of Shakespeare"
Miss Venezuela 82

"Mi favorite peruvian dish is Machupichu!"
Miss Venezuela 82

"I like cooking old clothes"
Miss Venezuela 87. old clothes (ropavieja) is a canary/cuban dish, our national dish derives from this.

"For now..."
The most Chavez has ever said with such few words.

"Everything is excessively normal!"
Vice president JVR during the 2003 oil strike.

"Which he accepted"
Lucas Rincon Romero, stating Chavez resigned on april 11, to this day the only evidence the opposition have of the resignation, but never challenge them on the fact that this is no evidence at all.

"Marisabel, tonight I will give you yours, Remember that night in the volkswagen?"
Chavez on national TV addressing his then wife

"Civil society? with what do you eat that?"
Luis Miquelena

"Its cheap! give me two!"
Venezuela's elite shopping in Miami during the 70s

"Neither this or that, but the complete opposite"
CAP explaining his government's "third way"

"We are staring at the abyss, but we will take a step forward"
Teodoro Petkoff

"he committed autosuicide"

"President Chavez is in-pressionable."
Current defense minister.


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