Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The number wars 

There was one thing that assured me the homicide rate was getting better, and that was the fact that the opposition never challenged the government's assertion. Despite being painfully easy to do so, it was only today when they rebutted. As I am sure you have read they claim the murder rate has gone up in Caracas 18% The government rebuttal was quick. The good news is that they both use the same data as a base (2007) meaning that both are measuring the exact same statistic. So one of them is outright lying. The bad news is that Chacin gave these numbers in a press conference and I am witting down what I can remember (which is most of it except for Jan 2008).



As you can see both diverge quite strongly on 2008 in particular. So who is lying here?

Another thing crime exploded in the second half of 2007, all under Pedro CarreƱo.


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