Monday, June 30, 2008

Yup, that is what I was trying to say 

Having a comments section is great - sometimes other people manage to succintly express my ideas better than I can. So here is much of my last couple of weeks postings and comments summarized by "Eric" far better than I could ever hope to do:


You keep saying that OW has reached the conclusion that the government doesn't have a plan based on no evidence. But that's not quite right.

True, the government could have a plan that it e simply hasn't made public. Certainly possible.

But what leads OW, and a lot of us here, to believe that the government doesn't have a plan is not simply that it isn't made public, but what the numbers we DO know about suggest.

As OW has pointed out, the numbers released for manufacturing are very low and the numbers regarding agriculture are ambiguous at best. Furthermore, in this most recent post, we see that the tractor production numbers are far below expected (the government said initial production would be 5000/year, yet it produced 476 tractors in 2005 and 1,652 in 2006) and production is possibly even in decline.

Since we don't see good economic results, the best conclusion we can come to in the face of no public economic plan is the fact that the government simply doesn't have one.

Now, you're conversations with government officials may give you some great inside info that suggests otherwise. But we don't have access to that information, and you're kidding yourself if you think we're going to just take your word for it.

So you might be right. But without your "inside information," any reasonable person would have to be very skeptical about the government having a coherent plan, since none of the current EVIDENCE points to it.

Thanks Eric. Without commenters such as yourself to summarize things, even I might be lost!


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