Monday, February 16, 2009

How I learned to stop worrying and love the undefined 

Generally speaking, people that lose worry too much on what they perceive to be unfair, every single futbol/soccer match that Venezuela wins (we qualified for the sub-20 world cup for the first time ever, major props!) other CONMEBOL fans claim that we won because Chavez bought the referees with oil, like clockwork. It is not easy to lose but blaming the referee is always counterproductive since you do not see your own flaws in order to feel good, or not as bad.

Whatever advantage Chavez may have had, whether you think it was legal or not, does not change the fact that 6-5 voted for what Chavez sold, and that was no term limits. However the more philosophical question at hand is whether term limits really are an advantage. The answer is yes and no, in the US it is true incumbents rarely get challenged, and never get challenged by their own party (Lieberman-CT is a rare exception and it means there is hope for them yet) but I happen to believe that here in Venezuela we are far more informed, and far more willing to punish lousy leadership.

The reason why Chavez made an about face on regional re-election is precisely due to the result in the previous regional election, wherein the PSUV base not only punished in primaries who they perceived to be incompetent incumbents, but proceeded to completely eliminate them from contention in the real election. Chavez saw first hand the power of the people and I did as well. That is why I want Chavez to be defeated (if he is worthy of being defeated) by the people not by arbitrary limits.


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