Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A thought experiment 

Kepler (and the opposition) keeps pointing out how a parliamentarian system would have been ideal to Venezuela, well here is your chance to try to prove it.

Pretend Hugo Chavez is PM, and pretend that the AN is parliament, now tell me just how history would have played out differently, no experimental theories, only clear institutional checks on power.

I will start it off by negating the head of state/government argument, in Venezuela the president is not all powerful there are other people like the attorney general that is an independent power, but since he is elected by the AN the opposition cries foul. So under this same thought experiment the head of state is elected by the people or the AN (meaning he is a Chavista too).

I have a theory that it is just contrarianism, that if he paints something red they want green, electronic voting then they support paper ballots. I know plenty of Brits that bemoan their system as un-democratic (monarchs, house of lords, unelected PM, first to the post) are they being contrarians or simply have better arguments?


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