Thursday, February 26, 2009

The well hung cellphone 

Chavez and Berlusconi are the only leaders that I know of that go out of their way to sound colloquially vulgar, not that I personally care much, but it is interesting that he decided to brand a cellphone with a word whose etymology is a mammal's penis, to be launched on mother's day gift shopping season. The word "verga" is extremely common in the Zulia region, leading to it (and its derivatives) as used universally as noun, verb, adjective, adverb and whatnot. Very similar (but not as taboo) as the word Fuck.

Now to what really matters, for us to begin to develop an electronics industry we need to start from scratch. The steps to take are: assembly, parts manufacturing, and last but not least R&D. This plant in Paraguana is supposed to assemble 1 million ZTE cellphones (600,000 this year, lets see how their prediction holds), a second plant with Huawai in Cua is supposed to make another million. Movistar is also building an assembly plant with who knows what production will be. Tariffs on cellphones will increase and local assembly should account for roughly 28% of the 7 million cellphones imported yearly.

The cellphone itself is not bad, aside from being CDMA, with features that will make it competitive with other models that are much more expensive (roughly 25$ MSRP) slider, camera, java games, radio, "mp4" etc.


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