Thursday, October 22, 2009

21st century book burning 

People thirsty for power always chose to plactate to conservative voters against progressive ones, but it is maddening when it comes from supposed progressives, the same was when Hillary Clinton and Lieberman tried to censor violent video games, that said Chavez takes it a step further like always not only by having a symbolic pile burning

implica el comiso y destrucción de los videojuegos y juguetes bélicos”.

but also by treating it like if it were drug contraband, where purchasing, making and importing said games is punishable by 3 to 5 years in prison, just so much as promoting them leads to a hefty fine. Well here I am breaking the law before it is finished in stating that violent video games are FUN and in no way incite violence, the evidence is drastically inconclusive.

The ASA said that video games and other violent entertainment are being used as a "folk devil" and have no real impact on the behaviour of children.

Jonathan Freedman, of the Department of Psychology at Toronto University, reviewed every media-violence study published in English and concluded that "the majority of studies produced evidence that is inconsistent or even contradicts" the claim that exposure to media violence causes real violence.

According to the ASA article Do Video Games Kill? (PDF) such studies do not demonstrate that media violence causes aggressive behaviour, only that the two phenomena exist together.

"Excluding a host of other factors (such as the growing unrest during the civil rights and antiwar movements, and the disappearance of jobs in central cities) may make it seem that a direct link exists between the introduction of television and homicides. In all likelihood any connection is incidental," the article states.

But that is not all the crusade also extends to promoting marijuana use as evidenced by the attack on Family Guy using a law that regulates OTA to regulate cable is insane but that is their legal footing.

By banning speech that is progressive Chavez is laying the groundwork for the accusation that he is not only violating freedoms but also attacking allies, what is next? gays? abortion? who knows.

All I know is that I am in opposition to all conservative governments, so I probably will have to oppose this one. Family Guy was great before it wen off the air in 2000 but now it is crap, the same could be said for Chavez.


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