Thursday, January 14, 2010

No good options... 

The evidence of the Chavez administrations bumbling, incompetence, disorganization, and incoherence has been so fast and furious over the past 48 hours that it is almost impossible to keep up with.

So, time to start looking for some alternatives you say?

Ok. We always need to keep our eyes open for new leaders who might have something truly good to over. It's just that in Venezuela, as hard as we might try, it seems impossible to find them.

As evidence of that lets look at something from one of Venezuela's major political parties - the UNT (Un Nuevo Tiempo). Recall, this is a fairly new party but it was the party that presented the opposition to Chavez in the 2006 presidential elections.

They had their first "Ideological Conference" not too long ago. And they lived up to my mantra of you learn the most about people when you can see them when they think no one is watching.

Here is a picture from the conference:


There is only one thing worthy of note in this picture - the banner to the right of the speakers table. It lists what apparently are the most important values of the UNT. And what are those values?

Well, there is only one that stands out - Private Property. The is in bold white and is easily the most readable part of the banner.

Below that and less visible we have "human rights" and "personal security". Somewhat important I guess, but not nearly as important as "private property".

Finally, there is something of so little importance on the top of the banner that it can hardly be made out - I think it says "free unions".

Anyways, we can note that on this banner there is nothing about economic development, poverty, jobs, education, or the environment. About the only thing on that banner that most people could relate to is personal security.

There is a lot more that could be said about how messed up that banner is and how indicative it is the the complete and utter bankruptcy of ideas on the part of the "opposition". But I think it is just too obvious to be worth me spelling it out in a post.

Let me just leave it at the following:

Chavez may indeed by horribly inept and leading the country on a downward slope at this point. He also presents no clear and consistent ideas on how to better the country. Therefore, I would agree the country needs a big change, both in leadership and direction.

But to pretend that the people who represent the "opposition" to him present a worthy alternative is simply ludicrous.

Which is why until something else comes along the only sane place for most Venezuelans to be is in the Ni-Ni camp. It sucks, but right now there just aren't any good options.


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