Sunday, March 18, 2007

Oil Wars apologizes 

Remember the post I did a few weeks ago pointing out how food consumption in Venezuela was up 9% last year?

Uhhhhhh, I don’t know how to say this, but I was wrong. That is right, it appears that number isn’t even close to reality. This is more than embarrassing for a blog that prides itself on getting numbers right, but that number is off by close to 100%.

In point of fact, according to the opposition polling and economic analysis firm Datanalisis, food consumption was up a “spectacular” [Datanalisis’s term, not mine] 16% last year. That is right, a full 16%!!!

Clearly, the conclusion I drew that Venezuelans would turn into pre-diabetic blobs can’t possibly be right. At 9% maybe they would have been “pre-diabetic”. But at 16% you skip the “pre” and go right to “diabetic”. Truth be told, after noting how chubby Chavez himself appeared in the Barbra Walters interview I suspected as much. Given these Datanalisis numbers Venezuela is clearly facing a true public health emergency.

Further food consumption was not the only thing that boomed last year. Overall consumption was up 18%. It was pointed out that this was an all time record for Venezuela with the previous consumption increase record being 15%.

Oh, and by the way - consumption is up another 8% so far this year


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