Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The home stretch 

Last time we checked on the new bridge being built on the route from the coast to Caracas construction was rolling right along - literally. The huge metalic superstructure was being built on one side of the span and then gradually being pushed out over the supports towards the Caracas side of the span.

Well, after months of construction, IT HAS ARRIVED!

And as can be seen there was jubilition when the structure finally touched the Caracas side.

The chasm is now fully spanned.

The next step will be to remove the steel rollers that it has rested on as it was pushed out over the supports. Then it will be bolted to the concrete spans firmly securing it in its final position.

Next, the concrete blocks that will serve as the base of the roadway will be layed out along the structure.

The dealine for completion is June 30th. I have my doubts about them meeting it but it sure is fun watching them try!


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