Monday, April 02, 2007

Where the hell does this guy think he is, Canada? 

Chavez today gave a stern warning that he won't tolerate private health care clinics charging outlandish prices. Either they restrain their prices, or the government might nationalize them.

I'm sure reporters for the New York Times and Washington Post are pounding out articles on Chavez's latest "erratic" decision. The loony bloggers will take this as proof of the "Castro-Communist totalitarian" project Chavez is imposing on Venezuela.

Never mind that if you get an in-grown toenail in Mississauga it's illegal to pay for a private doctor or hospital. You see when people in the "First World" give themselves extensive social services, well, that is just social democracy in action. But when "Third World" residents, who are supposed be making sure Walmart is stocked with plenty of inexpensive underwear rather than worrying about unimportant things like their own health, dare to be so selfish as to implement their own social welfare programs that is "Castro-Communism".

Anyways, even if it IS "Castro-Communism" I still think doing what you can to give everyone in your society access to decent health care is a good idea. And besides, who needs stupid private clinics that deny people care just because they don't like their politics?


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