Friday, April 20, 2007

Trying to get on the bandwagon 

Manuel Rosales - name sound familiar? It should. That is the poor sap the opposition had run against Chavez last year who lamely got 37% of the vote.

Interestingly it sometimes seems Rosales doesn't realize the election is over, sort of like those long lost Japanese soldiers that kept popping up on isolated islands long after WWII ended. No one would care, save for the fact that Rosales keeps pissing away lots of Venezuelan tax money taking out ads trying to do...what? Raise his name recognition? Here is one such ad from today's paper:

So now Rosales is all excited about the South American soccer tournament, Copa America. Of course, it is Chavez who brought this tournament to Venezuela and it is Chavez's government has has been building and sprucing up stadiums across the country. But the opposition is, if nothing else, full of oppertunists and bandwagon jumpers. So leave it to Rosales to try to hop on to what is a good thing.

I suppose their is some logic to it. If he keeps it up with all the advertisements maybe he'll actually get 40% of the vote next time.


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